Our Client Content Website Design Guideline

How To Write Your Website Design Information, Content and Structure

The following website titles provide you with a general idea of the outline that you can follow when providing me with the information I need to design your website.
Feel free to add or remove any heading as you see relevant to your own website specifications.
Avoid shortening anything as I transfer the information to your website exactly as you will have provided.
Be as detailed as you can because original website content is key if you want Google to rank you highly in their search results. The more the website content, the higher the likelihood that a search term existing on your specific website will be found on Google by other users.
Avoid copy pasting content from any online website as this may hurt your website rankings on Google for your key words.
When coming up with the website content, ask yourself the following questions:
• Have I said everything I could?
• Have I overcome all objections?
• Have I showcased the product or service?
• Is the key word usage seamless?
• Does the copy encourage the next conversion step?
• Have I connected with my reader?
If your answer is “yes,” you’ve done your job.
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Fill out the following website information in the exact wording and order you want it to appear on your website. You may add, remove or reorganize the arrangement of the headings/menu items/pages if necessary.
Website Header
Website name:
Website Motto/Tagline:
Website Logo: Send me your logo if you have one. If you do not have one, I will design a unique customised logo for your business.
Website Body


This is a summary of everything that appears on your website.
The information here should be focused on what you want your website visitor/customers/clients to see without having to go to other pages to find the information; or so that they can actually go to other pages on your site to find the information.
This depends on whether you are going for a one-page website design or a website design with other pages in form of menu items.
You may provide the following information:
Who we are: General description of your company in summary form e.g company overview, history, what we do, location, general information, faq…etc
The homepage can have a slideshow of pictures relating to your website if you want.
Specify each slideshow image with the description to go with it if desired.

About Us

This is usually the second page the website visitor looks for to get additional information about the company/business/organisation/person that introduced himself/herself/itself in the homepage.
Be as detailed as possible but at the same time limit the information shared in this page to only what the website visitor will be interested in knowing/finding out about the company/business/organisation/person. A good question to ask yourself in coming up with the about us page is “how is this information about us going to be a selling point to my website visitor/potential client?” You may provide the following information:
Who we are, Why Choose Us, Our Advantages, Mission, Vision, Goals, Objectives, Principles, Standards, Success stories…etc

Our Products/Services/Activities

This page focuses on what you actually do. You may provide the following information:
All the products/services/activities you offer.
This section is especially relevant to e-commerce/shopping websites as the bulk of the website content is found here.

Our Blog

A website blog enables you to be constantly updating your website visitors/clients about new/existing/updated products/services/activities. Look at it like a news portal for your website as blogs are websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information.
A blog is the first step to ranking your website content on search engines. This is especially necessary if you have a website with fixed content but you still need an avenue to make your website interactive, updated and alive.
Leave this one out if you do not need one or specify if you need either the free or professional blog bundled with the design.


What other people/clients/customers are saying about your products/services/activities/comments from satisfied customers/clients.
Provide their name, position in the company/society, phone number, picture…etc, if they have given you permission to use their identity.
You can leave this one out if you do not have testimonials.
A good starting point is to register your business on Google Business (https://www.google.com/business/) and Yelp (https://www.yelp.com/) to get people to review your business. Such reviews can then be showcased on your website. This is a great marketing option for your business and gives it online credibility.

Contact Us

All your contacts:
• Phone number:
• Email address:
• Postal address:
• Your physical location: Use Google map’s pinpoint gps system by clicking www.maps.google.com to find your exact gps coordinates. Provide me with the location and coordinates to your business location e.g Central Business District, Nairobi, -1.290693, 36.821946. A google map will be embedded on your site for visitors to easily find you.
• Social media links: Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest. Make sure you create all of these accounts if possible, to secure your online identity on these platforms. You do not have to use them but creating them locks out potential competitors from using your brand name on social media platforms disguised as you. Specify if you need assistance on creating the social media accounts. These accounts will be automatically linked to your website so that anything posted on your website gets automatically sent to your social media accounts.

Other Content


You may specify the website design colour, i.e. the general website colour, headings colour, sub headings colour, body text colour, site background colour, logo colour etc. Colours have names. You can find the perfect colour for your website by clicking here for a complete list of colours and their names. Find the colour you want then share the colour name here for me to use it. e.g. the general website colour for my website is medium turquoise.


You may specify the website design font. Click here to pick your preferred font style.


If you have pictures/videos to be used on the website, specify the name of the picture/video in brackets next to your information in this document. (Do not drag and drop the pictures on this document but send them separately with their correct name for identification).
Try to get your own pictures where possible.
You can however get pictures that are free from copyright restrictions. This means that the said pictures can be copied, modified and distributed for commercial purposes without permission from the owner.
To get such pictures you will Google ‘free stock photos’ to get websites offering such free photos for your personal and commercial usage without liability.

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